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Celebrates German Valdes

Cine Nostalgia Celebrates German Valdes "Tin Tan" Centennial Birthday And Unparalleled Artistic Career

MIAMI, Sept. 15, 2015

Cine Nostalgia celebrates the brilliant 30+ years cinematographic career and centennial birthday of German Valdes, most commonly known as Tin Tan. Tin Tan is one of the earliest, most famous and celebrated comedians of a transnational culture that originated in the U.S. –Mexican borderland of the 30's and 40's–, and perhaps, the most active representative of a cross-cultural form of expression that mixed the Mexican and American heritages resulting in a new refreshing and brilliant comedy style.

"Tin Tan grows in the border town of Chihuahua and soon takes part of the music, fashions, verbal and cultural repertoire of the Mexican American generation, at the time called 'Pachucos', which takes Mexico City by storm and projects him to stardom. This successful Mexican comedian of exceptional talent, grace and unmatched versatility exploited its prodigy by starring more than 90 films and brightening the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. Cine Nostalgia has the majority of Tin Tan movies, a superior offer not comparable with any other Spanish movie channel to date. In the centenary of Tin Tan's birth, Cine Nostalgia pays tribute to his extraordinary career with a movie marathon and special productions," said Carlos Vasallo, President and CEO of Cine Nostalgia.

Cine Nostalgia will showcase throughout the month of September an anthology of Tin Tan with more than 40 titles in 3 daily functions from Monday to Sunday (at 11:15 ET 17: 15ET and 23: 15ET). And on Saturday, September 19th, in celebration of his birthday, Cine Nostalgia will host a movie marathon of 24 hours with the best titles of Tin Tan films. No other Spanish movie channel can offer this volume of films and selected product.

Also, Cine Nostalgia will display additional productions and documentaries this month:

- 'Great Biographies of Mexican Cinema' will display a biographical documentary of the comedian, his interpretations, and testimonials of those close to his career such as Paco Miller -who discovered him-; film director Gilberto Martinez Solares; film historian, David Ramon; and actresses Carmelita Gonzalez and Kitty de Hoyos.

- 'Great Moments of Our Music' will feature 50 video clips of Tin Tan songs and dances from his well-known musical numbers and large cinematographic productions.

- 'Great Moments of Our Cinema' will showcase unique productions of how Tin Tan films were produced and the period in which these were produced.

- 'Days of Cinema' will exhibit a variety of testimonials from those close to Tin Tan including Marcelo Chavez (carnal), Fannie Kauffmann "Vitola", Wolf Ruvinskis, Joaquin Garcia "Borolas", Jose Rene Ruiz "Tun Tun", and his brothers Ramon Valdes and Manuel "Loco" Valdes.

In addition, Cine Nostalgia programming capsules will display a private collection revolving around the famous actor including photographs, posters, cartoons, and other materials of the time with commemorative motifs.

Additional programming information will be available in our website at which will be specially dedicated to the unforgettable German Valdes, "Tin Tan"